Skimmers are card readers that can be made to resemble an ATM’s components. Card numbers and PIN codes are gathered by the skimmer attachment and then copied onto fake cards. The form of fraud that takes place when an ATM is accessed by a skimmer is known as skimming.

When you insert your card into an ATM with a skimmer attached, you unknowingly slide it through the counterfeit reader, which reads the magnetic strip on your card and records all of your personal information as well as your PIN from the keypad. As a result, skimmers are more risky than other methods of card compromise since the card information they acquire can be used to withdraw money from ATMs.

How to check for skimmers

The most frequently used methods of skimming are used on the card reader insert area. Before using an ATM, be observant of the following parts of the ATM:

  • PIN keypad
  • Card insert slot

ATM Skimmers  Devices  Available for Sale

GSM-based (by order available Bluetooth and USB)

We have almost all the Available popular models like WINCOR NIXDORF, TRITON, NCR, DIEBOLD of ATM SKIMMERS

Each model comes with a PIN pad, also available order separate.

Suitable for: USA, Europe, Africa, and many other countries.

The full kit comes with: Pin pad with an app GSM module inside, cables for charging, a rechargeable battery, (all language keyboard available) 3m two-side scotch tape to fix the skimmer and pin-pad. Skimmer with manufactured GSM module, cables for charging, rechargeable battery.

With one charging it can take about 4000 swipes, it depends on the outside temperature.

Pin Pad is available in many languages  – the primary is ENG for more info contact us.

MSRV001.V5 Reading head,  Smallest Magnetic Reader in the world. With a dimension of 10.4*5.8*2.5mm.

USB charger cable

CD(software or user manual)

Original Factory, welcome any OEM, distributors, resellers, or wholesalers.

ISO Standard

Track 1 210 bpi, 79 Alphanumeric Characters

Also, Track 2 75 bpi, 40 Numeric characters

Track 3 210 bpi, 107 Numeric characters


* If you also need MSR reader/writer + 100 blank cards it cost an extra 200 USD

** For full orders available discounts. ATM SKIMMER DEVICE.

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