Basic Carding Tips to Card Safely

Basic Carding Tips

It should be clear that there is no risk while carding or creating profiles for targets with higher value. In any case, we ought to adhere to some safety precautions in order to achieve that zero-risk scenario. Carding is a demanding job that doesn’t pay well. Methods are swiftly burned, and they are always evolving. In order to avoid having obsolete and incorrect information, we must keep up with current trends, and follow the Basic Carding Tips in the communities we are part in, just like with security.

Not making money for several months? Are you doubting your setup? or squandering cash on shitty fullz?!? That comes on another day. You can anticipate updates from me in the future to ensure that your carding adventure is as seamless and scam-free as possible. Please don’t be afraid to ask us any questions or voice any worries you may have. Please feel free to share your thoughts here, as usual. All criticism is welcome, but please do so in an ethical and lawful manner. Basic Carding Tips

Basic Carding Tips You Must Follow

1. Change your MAC address.

Here are some ways to alter or forge your MAC address. MAC addresses are theoretically spoofable but are actually hard-coded into your NIC (Network interface card). Technically, you would need to alter your network card to make the change.

TMAC (Technitium MAC address changer) for Windows –

This is a GUI tool so it should be pretty easy to figure out.

macchanger for various Linux distros –

open a terminal

ifconfig eth0
ifconfig eth0 down
root macchanger -r eht0

If you run into any errors make sure your interface is down and run macchanger as root.

ifconfig eth0 up
ifconfig eth0

You should have a spoofed MAC address. macchanger is a great tool and I would suggest checking out it’s other parameters.

2. Flushing DNS traces on your network.

Erasing any traces your ISP provider/DNS settings may leave is vital. It’s important to step away from your current ISP’s DNS settings.

For example – Google’s main DNS settings are, You may want to change yours to something open-source like openNIC may provide. Check out for everything open-source which honestly wouldn’t hurt your setup and /d/OpSec utilizing any of those services for your carding. Get creative.

Changing your DNS settings is pretty easy on every OS so give it a “duckduckgo” search and you’ll be on your way. Now onto flushing your DNS cache.

On Windows –

Open CMD

ipconfig/release press “enter”
ipconfig/renew press “enter”
ipconfig/flushdns “enter again”
net stop dnscahce “enter one more time”


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First make sure DNS caching is enabled. Not all Linux distros work the same nor have DNS caching enabled by default. If you’re running Ubuntu or Debian they’re probably running “systemd-resolve”

sudo systemd-resolve –flush-cache
sudo systemd-resolve –statistics

If not, follow below, So many options in Linux. Open up a terminal, konsole, xterm whatever and –

ps aux | grep dnsmasq

you will be able to see a field call “cache-size”. If this is set to 0, it means caching is disabled.

sudo /etc/init.d/dns-clean restart
sudo /etc/init.d/networking force-reload

If you’re using nscd, dnsmasq or bind for DNS caching or other various services –

sudo /etc/init.d/nscd restart
service nscd restart
service nscd reload

sudo /etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart
service dnsmasq restart

sudo /etc/init.d/named restart

Also, sudo rndc restart
sudo rndc exec
Also, sudo rndc flushname
sudo rndc flush lan
And sudo rndc flush wan

DNS caching works a little differently in Unix like OS’s. PS: If you’re carding on freeBSD or something hit me up!

DNS leakage – Some VPN’s worth noting if you plan on carding USA targets, ExpressVPN and IPVanish are great in tackling DNS leakage. Most do it but some do it better. Always check your VPN provider out thoroughly before purchasing.

3. Some tools worth mentioning –

CCleaner will erase all your cookies and navigation history and more. The free version will suffice but the pro version never hurt. You can find cracked versions as well but that leads into problems with the integrity of the cracked software over the non-cracked? The choice is yours. Something to think about when using different types and versions of software for your carding.

Bleachbit for Linux etc… Step away from carding on Windows or an RDP and give carding on Linux a shot. Bleachbit is just as good as CCleaner if not better. Besides, it is free only.

4. VPN and SOCKS5 –

Some methods require only the use of a VPN, some others require the use of a VPN and your SOCKS5 but keep in mind that you must not use only your SOCKS5. Your anonymity and privacy could be compromised. Use a VPN or VPN plus your SOCKS5. Not SOCKS5 alone!

Free VPN’s and SOCKS5 are unsafe for a few reasons. They could be simply bad quality and all your personally identifiable information could be leaked easily or recorded by the provider. It is also risky to use a random VPN/SOCKS5 provider. Make sure to do your research beforehand as I previously said.

A good VPN provider located in Romania worth mentioning that is pretty underrated in my opinion is Works great for carding EU or UK targets especially.

SOCKS5 is pretty easy to set up. Register an account, choose your plan, purchase your SOCKS5, use Firefox and replace the IP info in the SOCKS5 section via the Network Tab in Firefox’s preferences.

A good SOCKS5 provider I can recommend would be 911..

5. Using Bitcoin or Monero –

Unless you’re paying someone to go purchase prepaid visa or master cards in cash for you, using cryptocurrencies for transactions, depending on how it was gained, is unquestionably preferable. In the event that LE ever descends your rabbit hole, it still runs the danger of disclosing your general location.

When utilizing Bitcoin, you shouldn’t really use Monero because once you have it, everything is OK. There are several ways to get bitcoin anonymously so you can use it for shopping.

Right now, carding e-gift cards and using Paxful to trade them for bitcoin is my preferred option. Change the bitcoin for cash as soon as you get it. It’s done. In order to card effectively, this must be completed promptly.

Use CCleaner/Bleachbit before each login, Change your MAC address every day, and flush your DNS before each login as well.

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