Best Drop Methods for Carded Products

Best Drop Methods

During conversations with our clients, we learn how they search for certain items in various online marketplaces like amazon, eBay. As part of our research, we created a set of different ways to abandon a task. For whatever reason, these techniques aren’t included in the publications, even though they’re clearly important for teaching novice carders the ropes.

In this situation, you should avoid communicating with the postman or anybody else who can help you or provide you access to the carded products. Drops might be found by driving about, strolling around, or searching online for nearby abandoned houses. If you live in the United States and the package does not require a signature, you can simply walk up to the door and steal it as no one will be there.

In many other countries, the postman may still knock on your door and leave a letter instructing you to go to the post office or another location to pick up your parcel even though a signature is not necessary. The main selling point of this method is that it does away with the necessity for someone to be present in person to sign for a lot of items sent to a single address over a period of time.

6 best Drop Methods you Must Know

General Delivery – The parcel will be delivered to the post office, in order to receive the parcel you’ll need to name the conformity identifier that is indicated on the package. The US Only – USPS Only method. Fake ID is Required In the US, you can send a package to a post office for “General Delivery”: Example:

  • Peter Taylor
  • General Delivery
  • 2-36 Nancy Way (Post Office’s Address)
  • Menlo Park, CA 94025 (Post Office’s Address)

Hotel Delivery – This is a Very often hotel guests receive packages. Try to call the hotel and find out if they can take your package at the reception during your stay (Important: think up any excuse why you can’t do it yourself) When the package is delivered to your hotel just pick up your package at the reception. In order to do this trick, you don’t even need to rent a room. This Most likely, works worldwide and a Fake ID is Required

Wrong Address Delivery –  Just make an order for someone else’s address. After the parcel is delivered, tell me that you made a mistake and your parcel was delivered to the wrong address. This method Most likely, works worldwide and No Fake ID is needed

Rent a House/Apartment – Rent a cheap house or apartment. Then order goods at the address of the house within a month. After you finish, remove all traces behind you, leave, and don’t pay rent anymore. It Works worldwide and a Fake ID is Required

Empty House – It is quite simple. Ship to an empty house. If the courier who will deliver the parcel needs your signature, then on this day you can do some work around the house or in the yard. You can also leave a note for the courier to leave the parcel and put the signature himself. Especially well workhouses that are for sale. It works worldwide and No Fake ID needed

Rent a Mailbox – Battery Around the world in different places you can rent mailboxes. Organizations that provide this service independently sign any packages. And you can log in and pick up any package from your inbox. When using this method, send packages 2 – 3 weeks. Then leave the mailbox and don’t come again. It is better to pay in cash or by bank card which is not tracked. This drop method works worldwide. A Fake ID is Required

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