Use the GSM receiver for ATM Skimming without any physical contact. This Skimmer will work without a physical connection to ATM/POS Machine. This product is our best seller and is the most popular credit card skimming device Worldwide.


This is a GSM data receiver – skimmer. It receives credit card data from ATM`s and POS terminals. Small size 5×4 Centimeters, antenna length 17 centimeters. With one charging it can work up to 8 hours and the manufactured memory can capture about 100000 credit card data, with an antenna it can take data within a radius of 50 meters. The device can work from (-25 to +45 degrees).

We use 3.7V 2500mAh batteries. With one charging the device can work up to 8-10 hours.

It has a built-in memory of 32 GB, and it can store up to 100000 credit card details with pin codes.

* GSM Data Reciever Device.
* EMV Creditcard Reader/Writer Software.
* Msr 606 .
* 50 Blank Cards.
* High power GSM Antenna .
* User Installation Manual.
* CD With Software Links to major banks server to log on.
* Ultra HD Videos & PDF Files for step by step training .
* 2pcs cables to connect with phone, tablet and laptop.
* Membership Access .
* 3 Hours Live Training  .


How does it work?
A: This skimmer is made to automatically find a signal; all you have to do is switch it on, move around, and keep an eye on the LED indicators. When the green LED begins to flash, the skimmer has made contact with a network and is able to read credit card information.
I’ve never used it; how do I learn?
A: The GSM receiver has a complete, step-by-step instruction and is very simple to use. We have online support available if there is anything you don’t comprehend.
How and what information will I obtain?
A: The built-in memory of the GSM receiver stores the Credit Card details and PIN. You simply return home when the workday is over and download the


The price for GSM Data Receiver is $1700 USD with shipping included.

Price for GSM Data Receiver + MSR credit card writer and 100 empty blank cards $2000 USD with shipping included.


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