Hacker shop setup

You don’t need to search any farther if you want a script for a CC and account hacker business. We have a fantastic auto shop script that is prepared for installation and setup. Our script is a robust PHP/MYSQL store script that makes it simple for sellers to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in exchange for selling digital goods like software or codes. We are the actual vendors of the top script for the sale of digital goods.

In the administrative section of CC Auto Shop, you may manage your orders, items, deals, accounts, and other things. Shop offers a variety of ways for you to sell digital items like files, keys, and gift vouchers.

What you can sell ?

    • Credit card

    • Banks accounts

    • Online wallet accounts

    • Shells

    • Channel/whm

    • Scam pages

    • Email lists and combos

    • Letters for scam emails

    • Php mailers

    • SMTPS

    • RDPS

    • Scripts and hack tools

  • Admin panel

    • Users control

    • Settings activate or deactivate any market place / coin-payments settings / membership prices / activate or deactivate membership section / logo / site name

    • News posts / can post HTML news that will be displayed on the home page of the site

    • Withdraw requests / approve or cancel withdraws requests / archive payments

    • Switch on/off bitcoin payment

    • Switch on/off paypal payment

  • Seller rating system / buyer can rate each purchased item and this will reflect to the seller of the item purchased

  • Item report system / buyer can report any purchased item on store , and this will automatically open ticket and invite seller on I’ve chat between buyer/seller/admin

  • Refund system / seller can refund reported item easily

  • Deposit system

  • Withdraw system

  • Individual Store link / Each sellers have individual link that can be shared on social media or forums (ex: ) where 102 is seller id

  • 5 best sellers on home page

  • Item check system / buyer can check any item before buying / check cc / check shells / check channel/whm…

  • Login page

  • Register page

  • Forgot password page

  • About script:

    • Languages : PHP 7, HTML, CSS, JS, MYSQL

    • Script core based Codeigniter

    • SQL Injection test passed

    • XSS test passed

    • CSRF test passed

cc shop script
cc shop script
Free Account/CC Shop Script
Free Account/CC Shop Script
CC/CVV and DUMP auto shop script
CC/CVV and DUMP auto shop script


Hacker shop setup

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