5.2 Million Marriott Database Records




5.2 Million Marriott Database Records

This listing is for the data collection of over “5.2 Million Marriott” customer, personal records. The database is from “Feb 2021 – Mar 2021” and contains the following information:

1. Full Names

2. Addresses

3. Phone Numbers

4. Date of Births

5. Email addresses

6. Travel Information (staying in dates with hotel locations)

7. Marriot Loyalty card Numbers

Please Note: This is a database that contains customers and their addresses are from the USA, Canada and Brazil. This data is an absolute gold mine for identity fraud or to perpetrate personalized phishing scams.


Please note there is NO refund policy for this order.

Note: This order will ONLY be delivered only through the email address provided in the Checkout field, if you don’t agree with any of the terms listen in this listing please do NOT buy.

5.2 Million Marriott Database Records



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