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Our time is precious, it’s more precious than yours because because we are already engaged in such day to day activities so before buying a mentorship class we want our students to be somewhat familiar with the Term “Dumps”

You can do so by reading extensive archive of our articles that we have on our #Metabanklogs Website.

This package of “Advance EMV Dumps Cashout Masterclass” includes our comprehensive guides and our 1 to 1 mentorship for 3 hours.

We will show how to write EMV 201 Tracks with Omni Key 3121 or MCR 200 or others all of which are widely available on our site.

We will show you the difference between Track 1 VS Track 2, where to put what information, and then how to write 101 Data Dump on the back of the card’s magnetic strip.

We will also show you how to generate a valid Track 1 using Track 2 (This is also available on our blog as we have written about this).

You will need access to the following hardware and its software:


NOTE: If you’re a complete Newbie do not purchase this Advanced Dumps masterclass mentorship package, we recommend you first get familiar with Dumps basics, there are lot of blog articles on our website that you can read to get some level of basic understanding.  Advanced EMV Dumps Cashout Masterclass.



We will provide the following for this class as part of our mentorship:

  • 1 X Dump ( You will get to keep)
  • 1 X PIN


We will show you everything about how to write tracks like a pro and then how you can cashout using your NON-EMV ATM machines as wells as Regular EMV enabled machines.

KINDLY NOTE: If you live in EUROPE or in a country where you have EMV ATM’s you must purchase EMV CHIP WRITTING SOFTWARE to write on EMV chip Cards and cashout.

If you will have any question please Contact Us after placing your order.


After you purchase this mentorship we will send you the details for our Anydesk session in order to arrange a time with you. We will give you 1 hour for the first day and 30 minutes thereafter for the next 4 days..

So the total time for this class would be 3 Hours spreading into 5 days


  • Once you start the class it will last for the next 5 days, The first day we will give you 1 hour nd then decide the time for the other 3o minutes classes for the next 4 days.
  • If you miss anyday you will lose out that day, those 30 minutes will not be carried over.
  • We will only provide the items for our first class, you are very welcome to buy more cards from our shop and put what you have learned into practice.
  • We will give you the unlimited access to our RDP for a 5 day interval after the end of the class to enable you practice on your own.
  • We will give you access to a total of 10 SOCKS.

Advanced EMV Dumps Cashout Masterclass








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