Canada Dumps with PIN Number



Canada Dumps with PIN Number

We are NOT responsible for you killing this if you fail to follow our instructions (read the description). Also once you place the order please wait 10 Min for us to process your transaction. Our Canada Dumps with Pin are working perfectly.


This listing is for 1 Dump with the PIN (track2) + tutorial guide

When you order you will get track2 + Pin Code and instant guide on how to use dumps. Track 2 is considered to be the main one and if you own it, you can obtain the information from Track 1.

We will give you a guide on how to use it.

Please message us for the card type such as credit or debit for accurate delivery

The current batch is from 15/09/2022, this changes often so check back.


You will need access to MSR, we recommend MSR 605X and its software to write these dumps onto a blank card or any regular top-up card.

If you don’t already have an MSR you can get on on Amazon

Caution: Use drop when ordering such devices like MSR just to be safe.

What does MSR 605X Do?

DEFTUN MSR X6(BT)® encodes, reads, & verifies three tracks of Mag- Stripe data in a single swipe. A high resolution tachometer precisely locates encoding; the encoding quality exceeds ISO 7811 standards for new cards. Data density is selectable to 75 or 210 BPI for any track.

What is MSR card reader?

A magnetic stripe reader (also referred to as a ”magstripe reader”) is a hardware device that “reads” the information that has. been encoded on the magnetic stripe on the back of a plastic card. The stripes may include information like access privileges, account numbers, or other cardholder details.


Q: Will these work for ATM withdrawals?
Answer: Yes, use the NON-EMV ATM as PINS are included.

Q: Will these work for online purchases?
Answer: No, these can be copied on your card and can work for cashouts and physical swiping at POS.

We take up to a maximum of 1 hour to process this order that’s AFTER you make the payment and provide us with the details, we cannot make it any quicker there is no exception to this, please don’t ask.

If you will have any questions please Contact Us after placing your order.

Sometimes things can go wrong unexpectedly, although it’s rare it does happen from time to time, if this happens in your case please inform us and we will remedy the problem.


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