How To Spam CC details




How To Spam CC details

How to Spam CC details To spam CC’s that come with all this information:
Name of CC owner
Phone number of owner Email address of owner
Address (Billing information)
CC Number
Expiry date and year


You need to follow these steps when spamming CC’s:

  • Get a good RDP/911
  • Get a shopify store scam page
  • Get the PHP payment gateway
  • Get a good cPanel to host the shopify scam page and payment gateway
  • Extract email leads from shopifystores
  • Get a SMTP email server/Get a PHP mailer Attach the scam letter

Tools Needed To Complete the process: How To Spam CC

  • RDP (Get 911 from
  • Shopify Store Scampage
  • cPanel
  • PHP Payment Gateway (Used to retrieve CC details)
  • Email Extractor (You get more targeted leads)
  • You can also buy already extracted online store leads
  • SMTP
  • PHP Mailer


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