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  1. Dimo “Blacky” Dimitrov

    19 out of 20 CVVs are valid; good quality. As soon as I made the purchase, I got it. Once my bitcoin buy is complete, I’ll place one more order tomorrow. And will certainly recommend

  2. Peter Harrison

    My sister told me about how good your transfer were I didn’t see much to it till she made a transfer order her self and we didn’t have to wait for long she received the Mtcn. I’ve always used your transfer service ever since. No delays at all

  3. Moray

    to be listed among the verified money transfers, I did research on the dark web and i purchased a card  from the metabanklogs store. I pick this shop since I need funding right away.
    purchased from this website, and the next day I was able to withdraw $2000.

  4. Roy Flores

    Metabanklogs is the real deal. Great support service, quick delivery and high quality product with massive cashout. Won’t buying and recommending

  5. Ryan K

    From this site, I obtained some good blank cards. I have this to say, A+ delivery time, and I appreciate how professionally they were packaged. This makes me feel very safe about purchasing from you guys, and I was able to pay out 34000 USD out of the 35000 USD the card is worth. My best purchase ever. strongly recommend

  6. Ionica

    My brother in Romania receives money from me through Meta Bank Transfer every time now since I think it’s a fantastic service.

  7. Norak77Norak77

    My amazing discovery upon using this site for the first time is that it is LEGIT. Payments are instantly delivered to my account, you guys. Try it out if you need a good amount of money.

  8. Dustie Meads

    These folks are absolutely the best! This is the place to go when somebody wants high quality cards ! Here is my assessment; you have my word. I recommend 

  9. Ben Haynes

    Very legit vendor with quality products. I have no problem buying from you

  10. Tanguay

    This is the safest place to buy dumps with pin in my opinion, as well as one of the simplest ways to gain money. Thank you for your help.

  11. Langford

    My fifth purchase; I love this site and the work you guys do. also admire how well you handled me as a client 

  12. Trah Raden

    On my first transaction, I made a $2000 hit, however one card was rejected. Best I’ve seen at such a low cost; I’ll be returning! 99% of the time!

  13. Alberta

    The admin gave me the option to request a refund when I first tried to purchase the PayPal transfer, but No one does that! Additionally, it offered me a new PayPal account, which I accepted, and Bam!!!, it worked! So I give these folks 5 stars.

  14. Glen S

    Buying blank cards was an awesome idea for me. Arrived early and super easy to use. Thanks for the good you do

  15. Moray

    research on the dark web and obtained a card from the metabanklogs shop. to be listed among the verified money transfers. I choose this Shop because I require quick funding.
    bought from this website and was able to withdraw $2000 the following day.

  16. Jerry

    Bank logs are working perfectly as expected. The email Aceess is 100% awesome

  17. Eddie fury

    I have no complain about the prices, especially because the quality of the CVV is very 👌. As long as the porducts are perfect then the price is good enough

  18. Maria Walsh

    This is really fantastic! I cant beliv I made this amount in 20 minutes,  I would have searched for such money for more than a month! I’ve placed two orders, and everything’s going well so far.


  19. Richie

    Kudos man. Venmo transfer was successful and instant. You’re indeed a legit vendor and i will buy with more money again

  20. Francisco

    The transfer delivery may sometimes take a little longer as a result of a system error, but they always go through. I’ve never experienced a failed transaction or a problem that wasn’t resolved. Thank you to the wnderful support team for always letting me have it easy

  21. Reggie O

    Thank you for teaching me how to card. The one on one mentorship course is my most preferred product. I recommend

  22. James Funk

    I’ll give the products and services a 10 out of 10, just because they’re so excellent. I always succeed when I purchase cards or gift cards from metabanklogs. Bless you, mate.

  23. Zeyad Gasser

    I had a lot of doubt before now maybe cause of PTSD from scam sites. But metabanklogs has prove to be a very different seller. I recommend

  24. Emma Jordan

    The MTCN arrive just a few minutes later that the agreed time but that’s okay by me cause I still received my cash and I am spending already. Kudos

  25. Shai vaknin

    Best quality logs. They always work and the admin is very sincere too. I will always recommend you man

  26. Money Beast

    I don’t believe all this but if it checks out well, I will pull-up with my gang and we will buy all the tools on this site, admin please my order number is #4032 kindly verify I sent payment already.

  27. Gianmarco

    Best site for legit d+p. If there was a 6or 7 star I will give it to your team. You rock

  28. Bunicles

    Trusted services, every time i buy, they delivery very fast and if there’s a case of delay, they always informe before hand highly recommended

  29. Khalid

    You guys got the shit i need to become richer, am so excited about the Dumps with pin I got from your site 100% dope. No cap

  30. L Maughan

    received money in Ukraine.
    Ready to place additional orders, but will require other friends to help with funds.
    Thank you, you’re fantastic.

  31. Zeyad Gasser

    I had a lot of doubt before now maybe cause of PTSD from scam sites. But metabanklogs has prove to be a very different seller. I recommend

  32. Cynthia Cherry

    As a single mom, taking care of the bills at home wasn’t easy, until a friend introduced me to the meta bank logs web services, I’ve made more than $50,000 USD. From the this platform, I highly recommend, there service because it is fast and reliable

  33. Kedek James

    48 Hours for delivery the first card did not work it gave wrong pin error sent them my atm receipt they sent me the 2nd card for free which worked and i cashed out nearly $2000 absolutely GREAT customer service, 100% recommended

  34. Linda

    Excellent assistance and prompt delivery of my $1000! 2×500 cards. Quick cash source, you are quite beautiful and helpful.

  35. Claire M

    This is great for service when you are in a hurry. Details for my amazon card arrived in 5 minutes. Really great service and i love the pricing too

  36. Willy Stacks

    To be honest I never knew such vendor exist, there products are all fresh and guaranteed, I wish I found you earlier. I lost some money dealing with the previous vendor I found on dark web who gave me bad dumps but this dude right here give replacement. Your customer service is top notch and reliable. My team will always patronize your site. I highly recommend.

  37. Ajay

    Hello I am from india, I am a poor man can you help me with a free dump? In India we don’t have anyone to help or support us. Pls

  38. Alfonso

    If you follow the guide as Instructed to log in to Paypal accounts then you’ll have no problem, I got the logs and it worked. But I’ll advice all beginners like me to purchase the guides before the PayPal so you can easily bypass the PayPal security flags

  39. Cash Loco

    Great site with premium products.. I have bookmarked your site, let me buy BTC I will buy from your store

  40. Imran Ali

    The customer service is excellent at what they do and they answer swiftly. After providing me with excellent logs five times in a row, you have gained my trust. Never before have I received it this good.

  41. Heimbach

    Getting a France card from your site was successful. I’ve done some fantastic internet shopping with them and I’m happy with my purchases.

  42. Rochelle

    This is currently the best Cvv shop online and I hope they remain so for a very long time. All 10 CVV hit the jackpot. WOAH

  43. Leslie Wenning

    i have received the meta cashapp transfer . Wasn’t so sure about it till i got the cash in my account. The process was quite simple and after a successful transaction i can say they are real.


  44. Max

    Hello kindly attend to my order, this is 3rd time, I just placed an order for chase bank logs with $10,000 balance, thank you!

  45. Gabriele

    Already made 4x what I’ve spent in buying stuff on here. Thank you metabanklogs I am making good living here

  46. Devon McKenzie

    I look forward to buying more cash app transfer from you. The delivery is very swift

  47. Prakash

    Found metabanklogs as my go to and reliable vendor for transfer after i made transfers to my sister inlaw who was on holiday in Cork Ireland. She got the money 5 minutes after my payment was confirmed and even withdrawal of the cash was fine according to her. I wont stop using you guys care even your professional service is top notch

  48. Richie

    Awesome way of dealing with customers. Thanks for the Venmo transfer. You’ve earned my trust

  49. Adam

    👍👍 to the amazing team behind this site. Second to none in product quality. Just cashed the GC and I’ll be in touch soon

  50. Courtney James

    I’m overjoyed that my $250 in credit cards got me exactly what I paid for. I wholeheartedly endorse the website since they provide the best; it worked for me and I’m confident it will work for you as well.

  51. Mitch

    I love how good the CCs work, already cashed 12k. wish i got cards of higher balance but I’ll absolutely get them in this next order. I will recommend them for hq CCs

  52. Darrel

    You doing an amazing job here. I can’t speak less of you cause I have no bad experience buy from you. Respect 💯

  53. Dardan

    I needed a way to send money to my wife in Albania when I was stranded in the UK because of COVID restrictions. I called a buddy who had previously discussed transfers similar to those offered here since I had overstayed in the UK and was out of money. He mentioned this one to me throughout our conversation as one of the reliable ones he recently tried. Long story short, I paid the charge and my wife called to say she had gotten the money shortly after. I’ve already expressed my gratitude. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends.

  54. Santosh Jena

    I’m buying for the first time. But everything went clean A+. I ordered 5 mins ago 2 x 20 x canada fullz and received now checked working cards, legit site and i recommend

  55. Devon McKenzie

    I will definitely purchase cashapp transfers from you again because you are trustworthy, thank you very much.

  56. Alfred

    The fullz did really great I was in doubt at first but damn. Tried the them out at binance and it was excellent.

  57. Rene Martin

    Another satisfied and successful deal. $100k received. I can’t trust you any less.

  58. Wright

    If you are struggling financially and have just enough money to purchase a high-quality product, I advise going to The banklogs are fantastic, and I’ve logged in consistently without worry or complaint.

  59. Niall Devlin

    Hello, buddies! I have money in my account. I have no trouble using this money. My PayPal account is not restricted. I can now place orders once a week (as the seller recommended to me).

  60. Aldin

    Iphones arrived yesterday. Already shipped them to my clients today lol. Thanks man you are good

  61. Sheridan Reed

    Site is super easy to navigate, receive the deep insert skimmer 3 days after order and i am very impressed it does look good and its working fine. collected a few cc info already. Nice doing business with you.

  62. Mathew

    Just received my card via email; already made a cashout for an airpods purchase. I’ll be back for additional cards once I get paid from my job.

  63. John Park

    I can make a custom fullz order and get exactly what I want. The prices are very worth it too. Cheap is not always to best. I totally recommend 

  64. Scott

    Good work you doing here man and great stuff in your shop. You make me so addicted to cashout. Youre e best

  65. Milan

    This site is 100% legit. sold off the gift cards with no issues. Thumbs up guys

  66. Jens Lynen

    I vouch for the site 100%. This is the only site i have seen that will give you a replacement if a card purchased from them is bad and not your fault. One of the best i have seen

  67. Verdysam

    Superb set, many thanks. Send western union to my Russian business partners using this CVV. At this time, I have only verified three of the cards in the pack; all are authentic, however one has only a $1000 balance.

  68. Dan Alam

    Very good support team. Answered all my questions even the annoying ones will order another WU Transfer soon

  69. Troy

    Truely high quality requires good sums of cash….. The prices are good enough for what’s offered.

  70. Vinesh

    The transfers are very real. Received $25k in my cash app and all I have to do is withdraw $2500 daily. Really smooth

  71. Steven britz

    Third time purchase and trust retained. The information in the guide is well worth my money and more.

  72. Andrew Graves

    I’ve already made three purchases there, and everything has gone smoothly so far. Then again, hurry up; I waited for 2 hours today.

  73. Sam Foster

    You’re awesome! The wait was really short. I have spent a lot of time searching for this quality. highly regarded by all of your pals


  74. luis ospina

    $500 card purchase; 20 minutes  later, email confirmation arrived. Thank you for a fantastic service; I’ll be back.

  75. Shuman

    the Chase logs worked fine. I will be coming back for some blank cards this time. Thanks for always helping

  76. Jonah Haile

    Very fast and reliable. Received money in my paypal account in a matter of minutes.

  77. Klark

    The cards always hit. The biggest issue I have ever had on here was buying 20 CCs and only 4 were dead but that’s no problem to me. it’s actually better than receiving trash or even no cards at all. Metabanklogs can be trusted, I trust them. 👍👍

  78. CYPRUS

    these are the best logs i have gotten in a long time. Nver believed i would eventually trust them to give me the best. thanks to

  79. Alan Shawn

    I was devastated after becoming a victim of various scam shops in the past, but I never lost hope that I would find a good shop that I could do business with because I had heard stories about legitimate bank transfer services. It is such a wonder that I was able to locate this site after numerous clicks and try them out. I paid for the $5,000 bank transfer after all the inquiries, and after a very short period of time, the funds were in my bank account. I promptly transferred some of it because I found it to be pretty shocking, and the money is real. I have successfully ordered $45,000 thus far. All of the people I know who will require the services have been referred. 

  80. Steven britz

    I’ve found the gold mine for the third time! The information in the guide is well worth my money and more.

  81. Leonela

    The team does a fantastic job of helping customers professionally and being ready to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

  82. Mike Cotzas

    I overheard some guys at the bar praising this seller, and as I was curious, I enquired about it. When we finally arrived at a leveled area, I managed to find my way here after they were reluctant to let me in at first. shopping from for the past 18 months, and they truly deserve all the good reviews. I do recommend

  83. Benoit

    Thank you for the second time WU transfer. I will return, leave reviews, and recommend you to others.

  84. Courtney James

    I’m overjoyed that my $250 in credit cards got me exactly what I paid for. I wholeheartedly endorse the website since they provide the best; it worked for me and I’m confident it will work for you as well.

  85. Jaymz Neumann

    You’ve got good products man! Received the cards today; will attempt to cash them later in the noon; keep it up.

  86. Richie

    The Venmo transfer was successful. You’re indeed a legit vendor and i will buy with more money again

  87. karim

    I completed the transaction with the Metabanklogs website last night.
    I assumed they would scam me like others, but they did not. I just wanted to say thank you to for your honesty and dependable service.

  88. Marisol

    I just purchased it, and while searching on the dark web and Google for non-VBV bins, I wasted a lot of money and ended up getting cheated. As a result, I would really like to partner with you on more of your products.

  89. Shelley

    if there is any star higher than the 5 star then that’s my rating for metabanklogs. The site is too legit and the bank logs are always spot on. sometimes i get a $100-$500 extra amount on some of the bank logs balance i have gotten from them. i recommend

  90. Ernie Rosenthal

    A-list bank logs vendor. When I buy bank logs from this site, they never fail and the accounts are always perfect. Kudos, Metabanklogs team, you seem to be the best.

  91. Wanda pitts

    Oh, man, you are so skilled at this that I want to place an order for tomorrow. the last one was received in no time 

  92. Karl Timmerman

    You guys are clean-undiscovered net’s gem. Your website is one of a very small few of sites on the open web where you may actually obtain dumps like this. please stick to being the best , and let’s earn money together. All the stars, and I 100% stand by this.

  93. Bernadette Barela

    I find that the money transfer service is very easy and safe especially when you have provided the right details required for the transfer. Each transaction i have made has always been seamless. I will always recommend this site to all my family and friends

  94. Dawn Valadez

    I have come in contact with so many bank logs site that claim to sell legit logs but i must say this sites outdoes them all. The consistency with providing high value products is second to none and the support is very professional too. Thank you Metabanklogs for helping me earn lots of cash.

  95. Scott Calonico

    Yes, it works for me and isn’t a scam, so if you want to start making real money, go for it and quit thinking negatively.

  96. Richard Stark

    On three instances, I sent money, and each transfer was successful. Excellent customer care is provided. You are the only money transfer service I use, so thank you!

  97. Brad Reel

    I can’t go wrong with the bank logs on metabanklogs, shit is too legit and team is so pro too. I recommend

  98. Avis Yeiser

    so it’s never a concern of mine to send money on the same day to my daughter who lives in another state. Since the first time I used your service, your service has been fantastic. I’ll keep recommending you, and I’ll do the same for my friends. We appreciate your excellent and user-friendly products and service

  99. Brad Reel

    I can’t go wrong with the bank logs on metabanklogs, shit is too legit and team is so pro too. I recommend

  100. Harry Jordan

    I’ve bought bank logs here for the past two years, and I’m satisfied with the service they provide. They are extremely competent and constantly make sure that everything is finished on time.

  101. Hornbeck

    Just recently, I paid to obtain the zip file. I tested the bins, and the list was exactly what I had hoped it would be. Another benefit is that they give a free weekly update bin list every weekend.

  102. Kurtis

    I tried this website for bins and for credit cards, and I sincerely vouch for it.

  103. Rock Lee

    Cheaper than buying items separately and a nice set. Even if one card wasn’t functioning, the price is still amazing. All of my money i spent, i made it all back. 

  104. chris

    any 2024 vouchers?

    1. Hoeman

      definitely the best site i have come across

  105. Alex Doodle

    I am able to purchase high-quality CCs and earn good money because of One of my nicest experiences was when, after purchasing 10 credit cards, I was able to cash out 7 of them successfully but not the remaining 3. When I alerted the admin, he checked and provided me a replacement; I’ll never forget it. They never let me down, so I’ll always recommend them.

  106. Skylar

    Hey, buddy. I’ve been using your service for two years, and I’m very happy with the results. For me, you are authentic the last time we completed the transaction, which was really great. Soon, I will require another bank wire for 14k; I hope you will handle that for me once more. good luck and I’ll keep in contact here.

  107. Graeme Ross

    I frequently use Amazon gift cards and have done so for a number of years. I have had the opportunity to send and receive Amazon gift cards of many types, including email cards, hard cards purchased directly from Amazon, and cards bought from my neighborhood grocery store, Lowe’s, and a pharmacy. But these prices are incredible!!!! I received my Amazon gift card within two hours, and I had no issues using it.

  108. Samantha

    Great seller that shows a lot of professionalism. I got the dumps with pin, and the cash out was greater than I had anticipated. I’m very happy because lately I haven’t had much luck with dump shops. The previous website only sold junk, so thank you for your service, Metabanklogs.

  109. Stacks King

    Fucking motherfuckers !!! Where the fuck have you been, I have been looking for a legit site to buy from. Thank Goodness I found a real plug

  110. Beast Plus guys YOU ROCK!!!! Here is my vouch 100% These guys are as LEGIT as legit can be, I was skeptical at first like the rest but i GOT MY SAMSUNG ZFLIP and PROOF don’t lie I’m gonna give you more customers I swear and I will be back for other services. Thank you @metabanklogs”

  111. Kevin

    From service quality to delivery time, expectations have been met here. Highly recommend metabanklogs to anyone looking looking out for a legit bank transfer site; I will return.

  112. Logan Richardo

    Guys Metabanklogs ROCKs! Here is my vouch 100% These guys are as Legit as the word LEGIT, I was skeptical at first like the rest but i GOT MY Physical card. No Jokes I’m gonna give you more customers I swear and I will be back for other services. Thank you

  113. Christian Deebom

    This is a first-time buyer. I was initially a little concerned about whether my card would work for online carding, but support assured me that I could get a refund if it wouldn’t, which I thought was really nice of him. Cards list appeared in my mail box right away. I cashed out the initial $500 and am considering placing a fresh order soon. You now have a lifelong client. best support.

  114. Grimes

    Best site i have worked with in all my time as a carder. I can vouch for the dumps with pin they are quite easy to work with and good quality too. Only a few dumps sellers can provide what i have seen with the dumps with pin i purchase here. Well done

  115. Andrea

    Never had so much peace and satisfaction before while dealing with a bank logs vendor online. Satisfied with the service rendred

  116. Sumit Singh Shekhawat

    Literally, I cannot speak. I gambled and placed an order for one. You know, with all the scams going on, I did not have much hope until 2 days later, when this showed up at my door. I initially thought I had been duped when you guys said tracking would not be updated until the following day, which now makes sense as tracking is only provided after the order is shipped. I’m overjoyed. Thank you, and I’m glad to attest!

  117. Paula

    Thanks to my coworker because I’m not sure how I would have found this website on my own. Ordered the WU transfer and yes it worked, sorted my rent and fixed my car. I’ll be ordering again pretty soon. Thank you guys

  118. David Collins

    Awesome! These guys really sent me 50k. got the money in 30 minutes, when i got the money, i almost lost it. Balance, delivery and quality of service at an altitude, recommend!

  119. Mo. Atairu

    The first time it didn’t work, but gave me an option to refund. Nobody does that!!! It also offered me a new PayPal account, which is what I agreed with, and BANG ON, it worked! So these guys get 5 stars. 

  120. Santaella Limón

    20 functioning CVV in a bundle is a bit pricey, but the quality i enjoyed is perfect for the price.
    This fullz is incredible; it truly works on Binance and Coinbase flawlessly and can use any name and address.

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