Steps To checking the Dumps without killing them

Steps To checking to Dumps without killing them

Online Credit Card Validation

A credit card carries a set of metadata, including the account number, expiration date, security code, and name of the cardholder. Credit card validation is the procedure used to confirm a credit card’s legitimacy. Given the sensitivity of monitorial issues, this method is quite important. To authenticate a credit card, numerous finance companies have created a wide variety of algorithms. The right application of these algorithms will enable you to determine whether a credit card is authentic or not.

Also, using an online facility gives you the freedom to a valid card number. You can perform this task from any place through an online credit card validator by having only a strong internet connection.

How To Use Credit Card Validator To Check Validation?

The easiest way to check is a card valid through the use of our online credit card validator. Check if a credit card is active by following the simple and straightforward steps discussed below.

credit card validator with issuing bank

  1. Enter the credit card number in the field to check its validity.
  2. Select The Card issuing bank name.
  3. Next, tap on the “Validate Card Number” button to initiate the process.
  4. That’s all! The results will be shown on your screen that will display the status of your card (valid or invalid).

We will discuss 2 major Steps To checking Dumps is valid

You know that when you try to check these checkers, almost all of them die. But if the POS shows a “Pick Up Card” warning, it’s not a good idea to enter a store with an unchecked card. In order to prevent killing the dumps and to keep yourself safe, you must inspect the dump in some way. The “call the bank” strategy was discussed in the post on the online checker. Today, I’ll go into more detail about this and cover other method of checking the dumps without killing any


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‘Call to Bank’ approach
Each bank provides a toll-free number that may be used for a variety of things, such as checking your balance, reporting a lost card, viewing recent activity, and making transfers, among other things. To verify that your dump is still operational, call this number. You won’t be surprised by the Pick Up Card message on the POS either.

So, the procedures to checking the dumps are as follows. However, as this is not a track checker, it can only tell you whether or not your dumps are alive.

  1. If you don’t know who issued the dump, use a free BIN lookup service like or another one to check the BIN.
    Google search to find the bank’s toll-free number once you know whose bank issued your dump.
  2. To contact the bank, use a virtual private phone number service, such as Skype. Additionally, you can dial a prepaid Sim phone number to contact the bank.
  3. When you phone the bank, you will receive an automated response with a list of options. “To check your balance, press X” will be listed in the choices list. Choosing the “balance check option”
  4. Some banks will also ask you to enter in the expiration date after asking for your card number. so enter the card number in theIf your card is active at this point, you will be asked to enter a security code (it can be last 4 of SSN or the PIN ,date of birth ,etc). If this occurs, your dump is still alive.
  5. If your dump is fake, you will hear “Please re-enter your card number” after you type the number. If the dump was used and the card was picked up, your call will be transferred to the anti-fraud department, so it’s time to hang up.
  6. At this point, it is crystal clear if you have a genuine, ready-to-use dump, a phony dump, or an old dump.
    However, if you have a decent dump and want to “play,” that is.
  7. If your dump is fake, you will hear “Please re-enter your card number” after you type the number. If the dump was used and the card was picked up, your call will be transferred to the anti-fraud department, so it’s time to hang up.
    At this point, it is crystal clear if you have a genuine, ready-to-use dump, a phony dump, or an old dump.
    However, if you have a decent dump and want to “play,” that is. You can continue to the optional next step for fun or research.
  8. Consequently, following card number entry. You must enter the security code (which ,as I said, can be last 4 of SSN, date of birth ,PIN ,etc)


The last four digits of your SSN must be typed in addition to four random digits. You will hear an error message such as “please re-enter your code” if the dump is still functional. Don’t enter the additional four digits because the card will typically be blocked if you do so three times.
Of course, you’re lucky if what you have is a dump with a pin and the bank asks for the PIN as security. You must enter your PIN and listen to your balance.
Have fun checking!
This method is universal; if any of you have any further observations concerning a specific bank, feel free to post them in the comments.

Key Notes

  1. Don’t use your standard sim then. Purchase a fresh sim card and only use it for this task; after that, take it out of your phone.
  2. If you were to check a dump released by an American bank while residing, say, in China. Therefore, you require a Virtual Private Phone Number since a prepaid sim card is not an option.
  3. It will even work with a free virtual phone number.
  4. Considering that this method does not completely examine track 2, be sure to purchase your dumps from a reputable source. Because the dump will still be delcined in even if it is derived from a nice living cvv

If the Call to Bank method is clear , I want to talk now about the second method on checking the dumps , which is very simple and easy to use….

“ATM checking Method”

The ATM is almost every carder’s fantasy. Too bad dumps with pins are so hard to come by. However, even if you don’t have a dump with a pin, the ATM can still be helpful for every cardholder. It can assist you in verifying your dumps, and even better, a full track 2 checker is more effective than the Call to Bank method To check the dumps

  1. Encode the dump on a plastic using the msr as you regular doing
  2. Walk to an ATM .
  3. Insert card in the ATM and wait for the message “Type your PIN”
  4. Type any aleatory 4 digit number as it would be the PIN then press “OK” or “CONFIRM”
  5. At this point ATM will request you to check from “Withdraw ,Check Balance,Transfer ,etc”
  6. Select withdraw and input any amount.Then press “OK/CONFIRM”
    The test is now in progress. You will be able to determine the status of your dump based on the ATM response.
    If you notice “WRONG PIN” on the ATM screen, check your pin. If you see the message “PLEASE RE-ENTER THE PIN NUMBER,” your dump is still functional and ready for in-store carding.
    Now, if you see a notification that reads “TRANSACTION CANNOT BE COMPLETED” or “TRANSACTION CANCELED,” pay attention. CONTACT YOUR ISSUER, PLEASE. If so, your dump is either fake or produced; nevertheless, it’s also possible that it’s locked at the regional level.


  • The dump was used if the ATM displays a notice along the lines of “SUSPECTED CARD,” “SUSPENDED CARD,” “RETAINED CARD.” and was reported as stolen or lost to the issuer. Additionally, you would have to explain to the POS cashier why it shows “Stolen card” if you attempted to use it for shopping.
    In order to remove your card from the ATM, click “CANCEL.” and now. You can utilize your dump for in-store carding knowing with certainty whether it is alive and usable.


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Tips check credit card dumps balance?

Although many sites claim to check CC balances, many are fake and have backdoors. Many of these sites also make invalid CC dead. They also store your cc and then run it on their bots.

The steps below will only work for UK and US CC’s.

  • You can check your BIN at to find your bank name. The bank in this example is Capital One, USA.
  • You can now search for phone number banks on Google. It’s +1 (860) 718-38989 for this bank.
  • You can call the number via Skype. It’s completely free because it’s an international number.
  • The robot will now ask for some information. Ex. CCN, CVV, etc.
  • Use your keyboard to enter your information.

It will display the CC balance automatically.

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