What is ATM Jackpotting – Definition, Process and Problems

ATM jackpotting is the practice of using automated banking machines’ cash distributing features to take advantage of hardware and software vulnerabilities.

ATM jackpotting allows for the physical theft of a machine’s cash reserves, which are independent of the amount of any particular bank account. Successful burglars who manage to escape detection can take all of the machine’s money with them.

The culprits use a portable computer to physically connect to the ATM along and use malware to target the machine’s cash dispenser. In this bold public approach, an attacker will often use deception and weaker targets to limit risk, like dressing as service personnel to avoid scrutiny. Stand-alone ATMs in retail and service outlets are more likely targets, away from a bank’s tighter monitoring and security. Older machines, which may not be fully up to date, are also common targets. ATM owners are encouraged to apply all available updates.


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It is very important that banks know about this risk and keep their ATM security during money transfers in good shape. Cybercriminals are going after ATM networks to find weak spots in the security of financial institutions.

Services like those that move money are also being aimed at. “Smash and grab” attacks on ATMs have been going on for a long time in the world of cybercrime that uses money transfer apps. Agents are now going after cash machines in order to get rewards like customer information or plain old cash.

In the United Kingdom, trucks and stolen farm equipment have been used in a number of ATM attacks in recent years. This has made it easier to send money online. The goal is to take all of the money from the ATM and move it somewhere where the money can be pushed out, like an online money transfer.

The other choice is to “smash and snatch,” which means to break into an ATM nearby and take money out. Since 2016, police in England and Wales have found that gas explosions have been used in nearly 100 attacks on ATMs. In the Midlands, one group of thieves broke into 23 homes and stole more than £1.5 million over the course of three months.

A rash of ATM jackpotting broke out in Latin America in 2017. Following that, attacks were seen in Europe, Asia and the United States in 2018. In the United States, the attacks resulted in the theft of over a million dollars. U.S. intelligence agencies warned about the threat, noting that guides outlining the process have been discovered on the dark web.


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The Process of ATM Jackpotting

Attackers can “jackpot” in many different ways, but the strategy used in this particular attack included a “blackbox” device. The attackers can issue commands by connecting this box to the internal controls of the ATM, which is running some of the company’s proprietary software. Attackers must either obtain the key to the ATM chassis or cut holes in the physical locks to the internal computer in order to gain access to the internal mechanics.

How criminals were able to obtain the proprietary software for jackpotting is still unknown, with experts contending that it could be through an offline attack on an unencrypted hard disk within the company. Once they have access to the ATM, the criminals can control cash dispensing as fast as 40 bills every 23 seconds.

The blackbox itself can be a laptop, Raspberry or Arduino hardware that manipulates APIs in OS extensions. In some cases, the blackbox can be used to attach to network cables and record card information as it’s shared between the ATM and the transaction center. The device can then withdraw the maximum amount from those accounts.

ATM Jackpotting software

But now there is a new danger to watch out for that isn’t physical. First, I’ll look for an online money transfer near me to stop hackers from getting in. This summer, the FBI warned about a “cashout” attack on commercial bank ATMs that was happening around the world. This happened because people used online money transfer sites and services to send and receive money online. ATM Jackpotting Tutorial ]

The attack that was stopped before it happened was going to target a bank or a transaction processor so that fake cards could be used to take money out of bank accounts. This is a sign of a sophisticated hack that can directly affect customers as well as bank and business operations, like sending money online.

Problems Associated with ATM Jackpotting

Malware assaults on ATMs have increased in sophistication and frequency during the past ten years. In its 2017 European ATM Crime Report, the European Association for Secure Transactions (EAST) said that there had been 287 percent more ATM disclosure assaults against money transfer providers than the previous year.

Wide ranges of infrastructure issues can be addressed by organizational security measures, but ATM hardware and operating systems are always the weakest links. Physical and logical attacks on ATMs are both conceivable, as should be the case with services like online money transfer services.

In an actual attack, the offender is present before, during, and after the undesirable event. It is typical in the UK and controls the machine with actual influence. It links businesses that transfer money. The cognizant assault, on the other hand, employs malware and master devices to take control of the ATM and gain access to standard data and resources.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was more concerned about the most recent incident because it involved resources and customer data. Most people are aware of how to transfer money between bank accounts.

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